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What are the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records has been described in many different spiritual traditions, often as the Book of Life.

Whenever your soul makes the choice to incarnate into a physical body, a new “chapter” in your personal record is created.

The records can you give you information about your past lives, the decisions you made and why you made them, contracts and vows and your soul’s evolutionary journey in this lifetime.

The records can also help you uncover the root cause of old patterns, dysfunctional habits and self-sabotaging behaviors so you can work through these issues and heal them.

Read Your Akashic Records for only $50 USD.


Have you ever wanted to gain insight into a past life or receive guidance on your current life path? Look no further than an Akashic Record reading.


At just $50, you can now have access to this valuable source of information that can provide clarity and direction in your life. In your akashic records, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from your higher self or spirit guides.

You have two options: online or a remote session.

During an online session, I will guide you to the Akashic Temple and you will seek the answers to your question. I will tune into you too, if you need assistance along the way.

During a remote session, I will tune into your Higher Self/Guides and provide the answers you’re looking for.  This is for a limited time. I prefer YOU receive the answers and become more empowered. 

Healing and clarity often arise from your Akashic Records.





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