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What to expect in a hypnosis session

 I will lead you through different inductions (including visualization, relaxation, and meditation techniques) to reach the Delta/Theta state of consciousness – the quantum field, allowing you to connect and communicate with your subconscious to reveal the underlying cause of your challenges.

Through the process, individuals typically remain aware of their surroundings. They often experience a sense of relaxation and an increased awareness. It is commonly described as a feeling similar to a dream-like state.





Your subconscious will guide you to visit the most appropriate time and place to assist you in understanding current life lessons, recurring issues, and karmic ties that affect your present life.


Once your overall experience is understood, you will be guided to visit the Temple of Healing, a serene sanctuary where the mind, body and spirit are nurtured towards wholesomeness.


If there are trapped emotions from trauma, the energies will be identified and transformed to allow wellness to flow once again.


If you're looking on making a lasting change, why not give Quantum Healing Hypnosis a try?

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