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Each person carries physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks/imbalances that interfere with daily life and healing. These manifest as symptoms or diseases in the body.


The body and the energy field hold memories that may contribute to stuck feelings, pain, and uncomfortable physical symptoms. There could be a whole range of reasons behind it – an ancestral lineage, a past life, heavy metals and toxins, or even something else entirely!

The wisdom of the body and energy field provides insights for healing. We have the innate ability to heal ourselves, don’t you agree?

These sessions are up to 45 minutes.

They are dynamic in which Bernice uses her intuitive senses to unearth the root cause of your symptoms and identify elements contributing to the disruption of energy flow.

Bernice will utilize her connection to higher realms and angel communication to clear old patterns, traumas, and emotional blockages to upgrade your body and energetic system.

Sessions may include Galactic Chiropractic and Quantum Acupuncture.

What’s a Session Like?

✣ We start with an opening invocation for the highest good of all life.

✣ We explore your issue or symptoms.

✣ We run an intuitive body assessment into your organs, cellular function, and areas of energetic density in your body to find the root cause and provide you with a road map to wellness.

✣ Healing occurs over time, so we encourage you to keep positive, listen to your recording regularly, and retrain the psyche and the body to reach its peak of health again.

✣There may be circumstances where more than one session is needed.

$75 for sessions conducted through Zoom (live session) or remote (audio provided).

Medical Intuitive Session
Dog & Cat Pals
Dog & Cat Pals

Pets Included

Of course, we provide services for your pets and animals since they too require and deserve healing and TLC. 🩵💙🧡


“Bernice is a wonderful healer and intuitive. She dances around and through the spaces that need the most looking into for healing and freedom from pain and suffering. She helped me identify low grade despairs and incongruences that needed light and loving attention. She treads where many are afraid to go, and yet we must, in order to heal and feel our true power within. I look forward to working with her again!”


"Our session was amazing. I could feel her soft and sweet energy emanating from her Spirit. She was spot on in her messages. My Native American ancestry, my Eagle guide, the feminine energy of the grandmothers and Archangel Michael helped me so much and I feel so relieved now."


“I was fortunate to have a healing session with Ms. Cruz about a month ago.  During our session, Universal Healing Beings and my ancestors from my Maya past, delivered a message about what to do with my tennis elbow.  They recommended using warm Comfrey leaves and adding Castor Oil to the area like a poultice.  I tried this potion a few days later and the pain went away.  I was delighted and grateful beyond words for this remedy from our ancient ancestors who are ready and willing to help once we ask them for help.  I am extremely grateful to Ms. Cruz for her help and guidance."

Medical disclaimer

I am not a licensed practitioner, and these sessions are not meant to replace proper medical treatment with your licensed practitioner. I do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe for medical issues. I am not responsible for a person’s health status or healing during or after these sessions. They are meant to educate and hold a space for healing to occur.

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