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A remote clearing is similar to a distant healing. It is sending healing energy through intention, to someone who is not physically present. 

Working with the assistance of seven Archangels, and highly evolved spiritual beings from the higher realms of our existence, we work in tandem to lift away the layers of unseen negativity (not of the light) and interferences. With this divine guidance, a strong vortex of energy is created through prayers, mantras and decrees. This session usually takes more than one hour.

We will clear:

  • energy implants in chakras and auras

  • energy cords,

  • discarnate souls

  • electromagnetic interferences

  • curses and satanic energies

  • fragmented souls etc…and so much more that you may have accumulated during your lifetime.

  • We will also renounce vows and attachments made intentionally or unintentionally and lastly clear your chakras.


Typically, there is a remarkable positive change in the person or animal within 72 hours after the clearing is performed.


If a person goes back to it old ways, the negative energies will return. We recommend, “maintenance” after the clearing is completed. The path of choice is yours through free will and one’s spiritual journey.


Reason to Have a Personal Clearing


  • History of severe illness, hospitalizations, surgery or childhood injury

  • Organ transplant

  • Victim of a car accident

  • Feeling “stuck” in your life

  • Blocked creativity or sexuality

  • Chronic stress, fatigue or frequent mood swings

  • Sleep disturbances, night terrors, sleepwalking

  • Frequently working in the energy fields of others

  • People under psychic attack

  • Feelings of intense of anger, fear, anxiety

  • Emotional challenges such as depression, OCD, ADHD and moodiness,

  • Financial problems

  • In a low vibration

  • Addition to alcohol, drugs, sex

I will ask for a recent photo and full name.

Forest Lake
Dog & Cat Pals
Dog & Cat Pals

Pets Included

Of course, we provide services for your pets and animals since they too require and deserve healing and TLC. 🩵💙🧡

Our pets work diligently to balance our energy fields by absorbing our negativity. They pick up and experience any challenges we have in our homes.

  • Restlessness and stress are alleviated.

  • Depression and grief are lifted.

  • Separation anxiety is reduced.

  • Terminally ill pets make their transition easier.

  • Some behaviors will be reduced.


I will ask for name and a recent photo.

Medical disclaimer

I am not a licensed practitioner, and these sessions are not meant to replace proper medical treatment with your licensed practitioner. I do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe for medical issues. I am not responsible for a person’s health status or healing during or after these sessions. This includes your animals or pets. This is meant to hold space for healing to occur.

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