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Universal Rays Healing

The Universal Rays are twelve light/plasma Rays available at this time to offer healing from the heart of Source – supported by the Ascended Masters of Light and the Angelic Realm.

This powerful healing therapy channels high frequency energy to the body, mind and spirit. It works on a deep level to release blockages and shifts what is in resistance or in deep pain ~ to let go and surrender ~ to bring your body back into balance.

You will heal an ancient wound and karma by shifting your consciousness and addressing the root cause.

You may feel a large flooding of light or heat through your being. You may see colored light or feel sensations from yawning to tingling to tears – all while feeling held and supported.

What to Expect in a Session

When we shift our consciousness, true healing can occur on all levels of our being - and in turn affects the energy we use to manifest our reality on the Earth.

  • The rays are channeled to your higher and lower chakras (20), meridians and organs (if needed) and energetic bodies.

  • Resolve karma from past experiences held in your energetic bodies by revoking contracts, agreements and vows through love and forgiveness.

  • Cleanses your aura and seals any gaps or tears.

  • Raise your vibration and frequency. 

  • Expand your consciousness.

In your first session, we will conduct a Soul Chart reading, which tells you your mission/roadmap for life, key challenges and the support you are given to meet these challenges.

Healing affects the cellular and molecular consciousness of your physical and energetic bodies to come into alignment. 


During the integration process, your body releases imbalances and emotions, which may result in feeling energized, lighter, emotional, or experiencing physical sensations. This is a natural part of the healing journey,


I encourage you to honor and accept all your feelings and thoughts, and exhale to nurture yourself.


“I’m ecstatic! I have a new lease on life. I feel so much love now that I have not felt it in so long. I now feel connected to my higher self and loved ones. I have gotten to a point in my life where everything is moving forward. I am grateful to God, the light beings, and our combined teams, and a big thanks and much love to Bernice for the energy healing sessions. Her sessions have greatly assisted me on my journey. Highly recommend!! Love, Light, and Peace to All."


"I had an amazing session with Bernice! This was my first time having a balancing session, and I highly recommend it! Bernice targeted the areas I needed most and provided profound insight. It was an inspirational, very impactful healing session, even days later. I look forward to visiting again in the future."


“When I met Bernice, she gave me the guidance I needed. I was holding on to things that didn’t serve me anymore. Bernice brought me clarity, and I felt more at ease with life. Through her work, I found my self-worth and inner strength. I am grateful to have been recommended to meet with her. I would recommend Bernice to anyone. Thank you, Bernice.”
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