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The Masters' Way Path of Light Course

Join us for this 8 month journey where the Council of 33 Ascended Masters offer teachings, energetic activations, tools and techniques to help make your spiritual self a reality in your day-to-day life.

We will meet every Tuesday evening at 4:30 pm PST OR Saturday Mornings at 9am PST starting mid-September.

If the days or times don’t work for you, just drop me a message by filling out the form below. Feel free to suggest what works better for you.

Each class is approximately 2 hours long.

For more information, About The Masters’ Way School — The Ishtar Channel (

I get asked this question all the time. "Why so long?"

The course spans 8 months because, much like a seed needing time to germinate, sprout, and develop into a plant, we require time to assimilate new frequencies, to let go of fear and limitations,

and to enhance our relationship with ourselves and others.

It takes months of consistent and conscious effort for our brains to "unlearn" an old way of thinking and replace it with a new habit. 


Taking time to fully experience our journey is crucial, as various facets of our lives may come into play. By approaching this process with patience and intention, we can maximize the benefits of the course and enhance our opportunities for learning and personal development.

There are 3 levels to this course. Path of Light, Path of Love and the Path of Mystery.

You will be supported by me, your three ascended masters and a group of like-minded people who will begin as strangers and will feel like family by the end of the class. Together, we will share, laugh and cry in our weekly sacred circle. As the saying goes "what happens in the class, stays in the class."

Oh, and guess what? As the last few weeks roll in, everyone's like, "Whoa, can't believe it's been 8 months already, time just flew by!"  ☺️

Path of Light Course starting in September
  • Acknowledge your fear(s) and unresolved emotions that are coming up for you.

  • Resolve Karma

  • Learn how to manifest your desires.

  • Learn how to embrace your shadows.

  • Create a deeper connection to your soul.

  • You’ll learn basic energy work: Chakras, Universal Laws, Psychic Protection, etc.

  • Come into your mastery of self.

  • Listen to high-frequency channeled activations to serve you in your ascension.

  • Clear your ancestral line.

  • Learn how energy flows and how you can create with it and much more.

  • Open your unique gifts.

  • Find techniques to release fear and limitations.

  • Resolve parts of you that hold beliefs and patterns that do not serve you.

  • Improve your relationship with others.


What You Will Learn

Transform the most important relationship: YOU!

This course is set to start mid-September. Each session includes a meditation, discussions, teachings, activations, and assignments.

The cost of this course is only $1,500.00 USD. An initial deposit payment of $425 is necessary to cover the cost of the manual + items + shipping.

The $425 deposit can be made in two installments by the end of July. At the end of July, your materials will be ordered for delivery to your home address. The items are coming from Australia, hence – the one-month timeframe.

The outstanding balance can be paid in full or settled through 8-9 monthly payments at a rate of $30 USD per class.

This covers:
* Masters’ Way Path of Light Manual.
* Three Ascended Masters assigned to you.
* A student journal.
* Lower chakra code cards.
* Audio recordings of lessons + extra meditations.
* 35 weekly online classes with like-minded people to share and come together in sacred group.
* Certificate of accreditation upon completion.


The Masters Way Program has been a cornerstone for my transformational journey. The curriculum offers a fresh perspective on life, allowing me to let go of old beliefs and attachments. I’ve come to realize that change starts from within, and this course has paved the path for me to grow spiritually. The program is challenging, but the rewards of faith and trust are immeasurable. I believe that the Masters Way is a perfect starting point for anyone looking to awaken their consciousness. Their approach is unique and nothing like other personal development programs out there. I would recommend the Masters Way to anyone who’s seeking a transformative experience. As a mentor, Bernice is down to earth, and I feel comfortable sharing in our sacred circle. - Vivian


Sign up Sheet

Classes will be held every Tuesday evening at 4:30 pm PST / 7:30 pm EST / 11:30 am AEDT (the following day) or Saturday Morning at 9am PST, beginning mid-September.

If these days or times are not convenient for you, please send me a message by completing the form below. You are welcome to propose an alternative time that suits you better.

Thanks for submitting!

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