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Welcome to Awakening to Your Authentic Self

Hypnosis, Quantum Healing, Medical Intuitive, Akashic Records

Meet Bernice


My name is Bernice Cruz

I am a multi-dimensional holistic mentor and practitioner, I am dedicated to helping people re-connect with their higher selves, anchoring the Christ light of spiritual awakening.

Many are spiritually awakening. I am here to guide you to connect with your heart and spirit.

I bring years of experience in quantum healing, hypnosis, medical intuitive, and as a Master's Way teacher.

Together, let's embark on a path where you can experience the pure joy of listening to your divine inner wisdom.  The brighter you shine the brighter all of us become.


The Masters' Way
Path of Light Course
Starting Sept 2024

The Path of Light teaches you about the power that you hold within you to manifest your reality on the Earth to meet your highest potential. It will show you what tools you need to use to create a balanced and harmonious life for yourself on the Earth.


Each session is personally designed to support you for your highest and best evolutionary healing.



“Bernice, thank you again! Out of all the things I do metaphysically, this is the one thing that has been most impactful. I appreciate it and you."


"My throat chakra was blocked, and she guided me through a past life and healed it. Thank you, Bernice, for that wonderful experience!"


“My session with Bernice was beautiful. She was able to help me be in the present moment and really tune into a meditative state, which is usually very hard for me to do. She was so patient and kind. Bernice also checked in with me after the session to see how I was feeling. Highly recommend!"

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