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Quantum Healing Hypnosis is a tool tapping into your subconscious.

Your subconscious is a treasure trove of untapped potential. Often referred to as the Higher Self, the Over-Soul, or the Super Consciousness, it holds the key to understanding who you truly are.


This powerful part of you is aware of your karma, thoughts, feelings, and unresolved issues that have shaped you to be who you are now.

The subconscious serves as a valuable tool in revealing hidden issues and discovering solutions. It can aid in boosting your confidence & motivation, conquering fears or anxieties, and bringing to light crucial insights about relationships, career choices, and personal growth.

During my sessions I may use a variety of techniques to tap into this wealth of knowledge. These may include past life regression, regression to the womb, future progression, quantum jumping, communication with deceased loved ones or higher self, angelic assistance, and much more. 

Together, we can unlock the answers to your questions.

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Profound Transformation


Embark on a profound mind, body and spiritual transformational journey, unlocking lasting fulfillment and achieving your goals.


Root Cause Subconscious

Uncover the root cause of a recurring pattern in your life. Balance Karma. Heal an emotional block, health issue or a traumatic event. 


Quantum Energy Healing

Visit the Healing Temple with your Guides to experience healing on a quantum level creating a new sense of freedom and empowerment.

Past lives may be forgotten, but their influence is always felt.

They may shape your thoughts, emotions and desires in this life.

They shape your current self, unlocking hidden realms of personal growth.

The act of self-acceptance, forgiveness and love are brought forth to empower you to discover your authentic self and move forward in your life.

Discover the transformative power of exploring, past, present and future lives. 

We are all here on this planet with a purpose, a spiritual purpose.  Our souls select the suitable body, family, and circumstances into which we are born to assist us in fulfilling our destined tasks.

We can explore the root cause of your issue such as:


  • Unexplained Physical or Emotional symptoms

  • Anxiety | Depression

  • Phobias

  • Relationship Issues

  • Belief Systems

  • Childhood Wounds and more!

  • You can unlock your healing gifts

  • Connect with your higher self and loved ones 

  • Manifest your Goals and Intentions

  • Uncover your Shadows

  • Soul Retrieval - Soul Mending

  • Change dis-empowering beliefs and patterns and more!

Your session is tailored exclusively to your unique needs and questions.


“My session with Bernice was life-changing! She expertly guided me through such a powerful healing experience. I am still feeling the positive changes today! At times it was as if she were there in the experience with me, and I could feel her connecting to my energies as she guided me. She intuitively knew just what to say and where to take me next, and I felt so very safe and understood ♥ This was definitely one of my most powerful sessions! Thank you, Bernice!"


"Meeting Bernice and what she does has been best for our teenage daughter. My wife and I were hesitant at first, but after several unsuccessful traditional talk therapy sessions with a psychologist to overcome anxiety, we decided to take her to meet with Bernice. Wow, that is all I can say. Our daughter went into a parallel life to uncover the cause. Today she is happier than ever, although she can be a bit moody. :> Bernice is kind and sensitive, and I would recommend her to anyone of any age."


“Bernice is very warm, caring, and supportive during any session. She helps you to feel relaxed so you can connect within. She is a gifted channel, hypnotherapist, intuitive, healer, and so much more. Sessions with her have helped me to feel supported, gain clarity, and feel calmer and more relaxed. Her sincere energy always helps me feel nurtured. She truly cares about you and your healing and about making the world a better place. She is truly a beautiful, evolved soul walking the path of healing and lovingly guiding others on theirs."

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If you're in the San Diego area, we can make accommodations to have an in-person session.


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